Vision- What We Have Become – We have become a ministry that services the needs of the community, established an educational institution and establishing churches worldwide to win souls for the Kingdom of God.


Mission - Why We Exist - To change lives through the Gospel, to empower God’s people through worship, evangelism, discipleship, education, ministry and fellowship.


Values - What We Believe – Commitment; Caring; Honesty; Holy

Bishop M.C Woods Vision For the Church

1. An ENTHUSIASTIC church  

2. A LOVING church

3. A FAITHFUL church


5. A SPIRIT LED church

6. A GROWING church

7. A PRAYING church

8. A FASTING church

9. A WELL-TRAINED church

10. A LIVELY church

11. A GIFTED church

12. A TITHING church


14.  An EVANGELISTIC church

15.  A DELIVERANCE church

16.  A UNIFIED church

We Are A Loving Church
Bishop Woods always says that we may not be the biggest church, but when it comes to love, you can't beat us! No matter what you're going through. No matter if you're big, small, short, tall or everything else in between, you will experience love like you never have before!
We Are A Lively Church
Don't just exist, LIVE! At Bethel, we believe that salvation can be very fun! If the joy of the Lord is our strength, why wouldn't we enJOY life and the love that God shows us everyday! 
We Are A Spirit Led Church
When at a service at Bethel, you'll find out very quickly that we are a church who allows the spirit to move as He sees fit! A lot of churches, including ours, have programs, concerts, and big events, but what about God? We put God first in everything we do and allow Him to move freely!
Bethel Deliverance Tabernacle International
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454 Chidester Street
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P.O. Box 28455
Detroit, MI 48228
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** Please check locations page for services days and hours vary from location**